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Introducing Support Systems Boosters: the New Additions to the Herbalogic Family

When it comes to terrifying, contagious diseases shredding the fabric of society, COVID-19 has nothing on The Black Death. Influenza, smallpox, measles, bubonic plague, tuberculosis and cholera were all causing large-scale devastation long before scientists had even identified viruses and bacteria as things, let alone as causes. To someone alive right now the events of the last 2ish years might feel unprecedented. But pull back the lens of time and these events are neither fresh nor new.  Also not new is our desire as humans to prevent ourselves from suffering from sickness.

Around 130 BCE the Silk Road trade route connected the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty China. This new route was not only a vital link for the exchange of goods but also the exchange of diseases. Even though some of the first recorded traditional Chinese herbal formulas from thousands of years earlier were for the treatment of contagious disease, these new diseases from Europe prompted the physicians of the time to reevaluate their treatment strategies and develop a new framework for understanding disease progression.  

Once again, we find ourselves at a point in history where we have to reevaluate our approach to diseases and, specifically, immune and respiratory health.  There is no doubt that modern medicine is more effective than at any other time in human history. There is also no doubt that because of our ability to hop on airplanes and travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours, germs spread more efficiently than ever. People have become more interested in taking a proactive role in maintaining their health rather than just reacting to illness.  

To that end, Herbalogic is introducing three new herbal formulas to support immune and respiratory health.  We combine the best of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and modern research in nutraceuticals to deliver the Support System Boosters: Shield, Defend and Restore. The links here take you to in-depth discussions of each formula. 

Support System Booster Shield
Support System Booster Defend
Support System Booster Restore


We added these formulas to our lineup because they are what we want to have on-hand for our families, friends and ourselves. But we also think they might help you out as well. 

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