Support System VZ is so important, we needed a trailer for it

Official Trailer for Support System VZ

Team Herbalogic recently unveiled the newest additions to our product line- Support System liquid herb drops and Support System VZ herbal capsules. Both are intended to support the extremely important work of the immune system. Like the other encapsulated herb formulas in our lineup, the letters appended to the name mean something. In this case, the VZ means vitamins C and D3, and Zinc.

Dave has quite a lot of detail on the immune boosting effects of this trio. Think of this as the trailer to those blog posts.

Vitamin C- Dave says it’s for more than just staving off scurvy, the condition you develop when you don’t get enough Vitamin C. But have you seen the list of things that scurvy does to your body!? It makes your teeth fall out! It makes your hair fall out!! It causes previously healed scars to reopen!!! All gross. Plus, if you get scurvy, the you have to talk like a 19th century Caribbean pirate for the rest of yer days, matey. I think preventing scurvy is plenty of reason to take Vitamin C.

But Dave offers up a detailed explanation of how important Vitamin C is for your immune system. Think of it as the mechanics of how an apple a day keeps the pulmonologist away.

Vitamin D3 – Rickets? Who gets rickets? Apparently Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol. And maybe also Gwyneth Paltrow. Rickets is the condition you get when you severely lack Vitamin D3 and your bones get all messed up. Rickets is on the rise again because of the fashionableness of macrobiotic diets combined with a lack of exposure to sunshine. Being out in the sunshine apparently has something to do with Vitamin D, and Dave explains that. Plus, immune system support, which is what we really came to the party for anyway.

As one study recently reported, there's a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of illness brought to us by everyone's favorite pani-causing virus.

Zinc – For a long time Zinc was all about neurotransmitters and DNA expression. But Dave reviews recent literature that suggests Zinc also has an effect on the immune system’s ability to stave off the seemingly constant onslaught of cold viruses.

Just in case you never manage to click through to read Dave’s more extensive comments on the Vs and Z, let me offer this -SPOLIER ALERT- from Dave’s conclusion, “a wise old doctor told me once, nothing you take fights infections, only your body fights infections, everything else is support for your immune system. So we add the Zinc and we add the D3 and we add the Vitamin C but we also strongly encourage hand washing and when appropriate mask wearing.”

And sunshine. I personally recommend moderate sunshine. It’s good for your mental health too.
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