Herbalogic Selects Honey Bee Rescue Program for Donation

Herbalogic Selects Honey Bee Rescue Program for Donation

Herbalogic is pleased to announce the American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AHBPA) of Austin, Texas, is the first recipient of a donation through our "Reviews for Good" program. AHBPA is a non-profit, no-kill bee rescue operation whose mission is "saving bees from people and people from bees."

And bees certainly need saving. Domestic honey bee populations are declining at unprecedented rates. According to a survey by Bee Informed Partnership, commercial and small-scale beekeepers reported bee losses of 44% over a one-year period in 2015 to 2016 alone. That follows several years of higher-than "acceptable" winter losses, which usually top out at about 15%.

Herbalogic Selects American Honey Bee Protection Agency for Donation

One Hive at a Time: AHBPA's Mission to Save Honey Bees

AHBPA is helping by removing, relocating, and rehabilitating wild honey bees that take up residence in or near people's homes and might otherwise be damaged or killed during removal. The service is offered throughout Texas, with an emphasis on areas near Austin, San Antonio, and Arlington, where the AHBPA has bases of operation. The feral bee removal service is nominally free, though suggested donations to the organization are encouraged to defray costs.

The 100% wild honey from the rescued bees is harvested, and the bees are then relocated to properties in the AHBPA's Co-Op and Adopt-a-Hive programs. Both wild honey and the honey from Co-Op managed hives are sold under the Epic Honey brand. Proceeds from honey sales help fund bee rescues and the organization's school education programs.

Herbalogic Reviews for Good Program Save 147,500 Honey Bees

Customer Reviews Rescue 147,500 Wild Bees

Herbalogic launched its innovative "Reviews for Good" program in the Fall of 2016 with the aim of thanking customers for reviewing products by pledging five dollars to a worthy cause for each review received. The American Honey Bee Protection Agency is the first non-profit organization to be selected to benefit from the program. Every review saves an estimated 1,250 wild bees. To date, donations made on behalf of customers have rescued 147,500 bees.

As a company built on the amazing power of plants to heal people, Herbalogic is very concerned about the world-wide threat to bees. Not only are they responsible for pollinating virtually all of the plants used in traditional herbal medicine, they pollinate food crops. Their loss impacts our ability to feed ourselves with dire implications for human health. 

How You Can Help Save Even More Bees

You can join Herbalogic and AHBPA in their mission to protect honey bees. Here are just a few ways to get involved:

  • Review any Herbalogic formula and we'll make a $5 donation to AHBPA.
  • Visit HoneyBeeKind.com and make a direct donation.
  • Buy Epic Honey. It tastes fantastic, and proceeds fund AHBPA operations.

To review an Herbalogic product, visit the product's page on our website, scroll down to the Reviews section, and click "Write a Review." It's that simple!

About Herbalogic and Third Coast Herb Company

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