New Simpler Pricing and More Free Shipping

Herbalogic is updating pricing for the first time in six years on all its herbal remedies for hot flashes, nose and sinus health, muscle pain, stress, PMS mood swings, sleep issues, and more.

Important Announcement for Herbalogic Fans

Starting September 1st, we're adjusting prices across the entire line of Herbalogic herb drops. But fear not! The sticker price is going up on some — but not all — products. In fact, with our new simpler, flatter pricing, several formula prices are actually going down. Here's the scoop:

Instead of having a low and high price for each size of our liquid tinctures, we'll have just one price (more or less in the middle) for all 2-ounce bottles and one for all 4-ounce bottles. Lower-priced formulas will go up some, while our higher-priced formulas are dropping. This chart should help explain:

If you're a regular buyer of formulas like Easy Breather, Decompress, Peak Power, Fixed Focus, Quiet Mind, and Peacekeeper, you can save a few bucks buy stocking up before price changes take effect on September 1. On the other hand, if you're a fan of Solid Eight, Flashback, and Back in Action, you may want to wait until September to reorder once prices fall.

FREE Ground, Reduced Priority Shipping

Starting in September, we're happy to announce the retirement of the $100 threshold for free shipping on retail orders and the rollout of more affordable shipping options. Here are the new, lower rates:

  • »  FREE STANDARD Ground Shipping. Domestic U.S. delivery in 5 to 7 business days.
  • »  $3.95 PRIORITY Shipping (was $6.95). Domestic U.S. delivery in 3 business days; weight up to 20 lbs.
  • »  INTERNATIONAL $15.95 Flat Rate. Canada only (for now); weight up to 10 lbs.
  • »  CUSTOM. Have a different shipping need? Contact us for custom rates.

Orders received by 2pm CST usually ship the same day. Orders received on weekends or holidays are considered received on the following business day. 

Remember, now's a great time to stock the medicine cabinet with immunity-building Easy Breather for the back-to-school and winter pollen season before prices go up. So, get shopping!

Place an order in the next 48 hours and use this discount code for an extra $5 off your order. Expires at midnight on Sunday, August 10.


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