Herbalogic Solid Eight™ Herb Drops

Herbalogic's over-the-counter herbal sleep aid naturally supports better, faster, and deeper sleep without next-day drowsiness.* Combining herbs that have long been used to promote relaxation and restful sleep in Chinese herbalism, Solid Eight updates classic natural sleep remedies to address the needs of a modern, sleep deprived world and help you wake refreshed and ready to face the day.*
Traditional Functions:

The herbs in Solid Eight concentrated liquid tincture have been used historically to:

promote deep relaxation;
quiet nighttime racing thoughts;
calm restless fidgeting;
reduce dreams that disturb sleep;
lower body temperature to cool night sweats;
ease irritability and tension;
induce gentle sleep without next-day drowsiness.

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Natural Sleep Remedies for When You Can't Sleep: Solid Eight from Herbalogic. Available in Fast-Acting Herbal Tinctures.Best OTC Sleep Aid: Solid Eight Herb Drops combine the best herbs for natural sleep in an easy-to-use liquid formula.Natural Sleep Remedies: Solid Eight Herbal Supplements for Occasional Sleeplessness are Available Over the Counter and Soy Free.Natural Sleep Remedy – The best OTC sleep aid may be an herbal supplement called Solid Eight, which combines herbs for sleep long used in traditional healing remedies.Best OTC Sleeping Aids: Best Sleep Supplement May Be Herbs for Sleep from Herbalogic.Natural Sleep Remedies– Solid Eight herbal tinctures - Made in the U.S.A. Natural sleeping remedies – Herbs that help you sleep can be found in Solid Eight Sleep Supplements from Herbalogic: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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