it's not just the 'what,' but how

Minimally Processed, Plant-Based Herbal Remedies

Herbalogic is on a mission to help the world discover the benefits of natural, plant-baseed, traditional herbal remedies.

All of our products are small batch and minimally processed.

The difference in our herbal products is the in how

We create our own, proprietary herbal blends based on our extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese herbal therapy

All of our plant-based products are wheat, gluten, soy and dairy free

Most of our herbal formulas are vegetarian friendly

We offer products in liquid and capsule formats

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What's So Different About Our Products?

Plant-Based Supplements

Nearly all of our supplements are plant-based.

We believe in the power of herbs to heal your body


We promise that all of our products are

free of dairy, soy, and gluten products.

Alcohol Free Products

Our capsules are free of alcohol.

No Junk or Fillers

You won't find fillers, flow agents, gluten, excipients,

caustic solvents, (we're looking at you Everclear!)

animal cruelty, heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants,

or cheap, substitute plants.  

Capsules or Liquids graphic

What's the difference between capsules and liquids?

Some of the Herbalogic formulas are the same ingredients whether in liquid or capsule forms, whereas others have slight differences.

So why have liquids or capsules?

Simply put, it's a matter of whether you need fast-acting (liquids) or longer-lasting (capsules) effects. Still wondering about which is best for you?

Questions about ingredients and use?

Knowledge is power. So if you want to know important details about each of our products, we have an easy-to-read product sheet for you to read or download.

Have other questions about Herbalogic? Check out our FAQ page!