23 Herb Blend to Naturally Reduce Soreness and Inflammation in Joints and Muscles*

Supports Recovery from Overwork, Exercise or Minor Injury*

Contains Turmeric & Corydalis*

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Herb formula in vegan capsule
Tested for purity and free of contaminants
Made in the USA by products sourced world wide
Alcohol free product
Gluten free product
Soy free product
Dairy free product
Muscle Soreness Relief Supplement – Back in Action XT Capsules – Made with Anti-Inflammatory Herbs to Support Relief of Minor Pain Caused by Overwork, Exercise, or Injury

A Shaolin Temple Formula Traditionally Used to Support Monks & Warriors with Minor Muscle Soreness, Joint Pain, and Soft Tissue Inflammation Due to Exercise, Overwork, or Injury.*


Herbalogic Back in Action XT capsules take our liquid herbal formula for temporary muscle soreness and joint pain to a new level. The capsule format lets us use more turmeric (a source of the anti-inflammatory compound curcumin) and corydalis yanhusuo (an herb being studied for its pain fighting properties), offering even greater support against temporary pain and inflammation. If you experience sore, aching muscles, tendons, or joints due to physical activity or injury, this traditional Shaolin Temple remedy may promote the body's ability to cope with uncomfortable inflammation and muscle soreness during recovery.*

Back in Action XT dual-action capsules are alcohol-free and flavorless, with the same great herbal as Back in Action Herb Drops. For fast-acting support, consider Back in Action Herb Drops.

When To Use

Use Back in Action XT Herb Capsules to support your body's response to occasional muscle soreness, joint inflammation, and soft tissue pain due to physical exertion or injury. Take before and after therapeutic massage, especially when massage is indicated due to injury.




Do not take Back in Action XT Herb Capsules in combination with blood thinners unless directed by your healthcare provider. Discontinue use before surgery. Consult your healthcare provider if you experience unusual bruising or bleeding. Do not use Back in Action XT Herb Capsules during pregnancy or if trying to become pregnant. While generally considered a safe herbal formula, nursing women, children under age twelve, and anyone with a history of bleeding disorders should consult with a healthcare provider prior to using Back in Action XT Herb Capsules.