New Products from Herbalogic

Two New Capsule Products for Women's Health

The latest additions to our line of dual-action herbal capsules are formulas that address health issues particular to women: PMS and menopause (including perimenopause).


Herbal Treatments for Hot Flashes and Menopause: Flashback Capsules from HerbalogicOur popular formula for hot flashes and night sweats now comes in a capsule. It's a great choice for those with alcohol or taste sensitivities, and the capsules provide extended relief to make keeping your cool longer a breeze. | Shop ‣‣

Peacekeeper CX

PMS Relief: Herbal Support for PMS Mood Swings and CrampsExpanding on our liquid tincture for PMS mood swings is Peacekeeper CX, a new, formula that also addresses pain and tenderness that come with monthly periods. It's the natural way to stay your lovable self all month long. | Shop ‣‣



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