Natural Herbal Remedies from Herbalogic

Why Herbal Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest natural health systems in the world, and the use of herbal medicine there has been documented for at least two thousand years. Still, while herbalism is common and highly developed in many cultures, it remains poorly understood in the United States. Third Coast Herb Company was started with the goal of bringing the best herbal formulations to be found in traditional plant-based medicine to western consumers interested in sustainable, natural health solutions.


Our founders went to school and received graduate degrees in acupuncture and integrative medicine. They worked with doctors of Chinese medicine and herbal researchers, scouring the literature to find the most effective herbal formulas among the thousands of recipes developed over centuries. When new research suggested a change to classic formulas, they modified the recipes and preparations. And along the way they tested the formulas in their clinical practices and refined the formulas to be their very best. In time, they decided to take the formulas beyond their own clinics to the shelves of herbal pharmacies and health stores, as well as to complimentary health practices.

A Product Line

The result is Herbalogic, a line of simple, minimally-processed herbal products made in the U.S.A. Our formulas are easy to understand, pleasant tasting, and safe. The line includes a growing number of concentrated herb drops and herbal capsules designed for the most common health concerns we all face. Try them, and feel better soon.



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