Cedar Fever Remedies | Herbal Nose and Sinus Support

Conquer Cedar Fever with Easy Breather

Natural Relief from Pollen, Mold, Smoke, Pollution & Other Nasal Irritants*

If you're sensitive to pollen – especially the pollen of juniper trees that causes "cedar fever" – and want a natural way to support your body's immune response, Easy Breather is the solution you've been looking for. Easy Breather updates traditional herbal remedies used to provide upper respiratory relief for a variety of airborne irritants, such as pollen, mold, dust, vog (volcanic smog), and pollution.

Cedar Fever Remedies for Juniper and Other Winter Pollens: Easy Breather from Herbalogic promotes relief of the worst nose and sinus symptoms causes by sensitivity to airborne irritants.

Easy Breather is based on a multi-herb formula used in Chinese herbal medicine to prepare the body's immune system for seasonal changes that frequently bring on nose, sinus, and upper respiratory issues, along with itchy, watery eyes. It was modified over time by Herbalogic's founders, two acupuncturists who found their patients in Austin needed something stronger to combat a particularly aggressive juniper tree pollen, the source of "cedar fever" that hits each winter in Central Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The same natural ingredients that make Easy Breather effective for cedar fever and other pollens also support your nose and sinuses against a range of other irritants. Easy Breather is available in great-tasting liquid Herb Drops (for fast relief and precision dosing) and new DropCaps capsules (for extended relief without alcohol). 



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